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Rules and How to Play Fantan Casino Online

gibson-highwaymen – Casino Fantan is a gambling game that has been played since ancient times by the Chinese state. Casino Fantan is very popular and enjoyed by gambling players because the rules and how to play are very simple so it is very easy to play.

In the past this game was only played with small bowls, wooden sticks and buttons. The rules of this game are very easy because players only need to guess how many buttons are left after the dealer separates the buttons taken using a small bowl.

At the beginning of this game the dealer will take a number of buttons using a small bowl, then players can bet to guess how many buttons remain starting from numbers 1 to 4. After that the dealer will sort the buttons from the small bowl into several rows with 4 buttons using the wooden stick.

The use of the wooden stick is so that the dealer’s hand does not touch the button at all and there is no cheating in this game. The win is determined from the remaining buttons after the trusted bookies have finished sorting them.

Several Types of Fantan Online Live Casino Bet

1. Fan : You can only bet on 1 number, which is between 1, 2, 3 and 4. If the remaining buttons don’t match your guess, then you lose. If you guess your result correctly, then you will make a profit of 1:2.85.

2. Nim : In this bet, you must place 2 numbers. For example, if you choose 2 and 4, then the number of buttons remaining is 2, meaning you win, and if 4, then the game means a draw. The profit for this bet is 1:1.90.

3. Kwok : This bet uses 2 numbers, that is, if you bet on 1 and 3, if 2 and 4 come out then you are declared a loser. The profit you get if you win is 1:0.95.

4. Nga Tan : This bet is almost the same as Kwok’s bet, the difference is that this bet has a series part. For example, if you place a bet on numbers 2 and 4 and then the remaining numbers are 3 and 4, then your bet on number 2 is considered a loss and number 4 is considered a draw. The profit you get from this bet is 1:0.475.

5. Shen Sam Hong : On this bet you can bet on 3 numbers, and if the number that comes out is outside the number you posted then you are declared a loser. If you win, the profit you get is 1:0.3167.

6. Odd : The bet you place on an odd number, namely numbers 1 and 3. If you win, the profit you will get is 1: 0.95.

7. Even : The bet you place on an even number, namely numbers 2 and 4. If you win, the profit you will get is 1: 0.95.

This is an explanation of the rules and how to play Fantan casino which is liked by many Live Casino Online gambling lovers. Very easy to play right?

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Thank you for taking the time to read the explanation regarding the rules and how to play the Fantan game above. Hopefully it can be useful for you beginners and online gambling lovers around the world.