When choosing a rental apartment, and the most worrisome is the rent.
Because it is rent that will pay each month, will become painful is higher and life.

This rent is largely determined by such properties of floor plans and rich conditions.
In addition, old rental apartments is age will be able to borrow at relatively low rent.
On the contrary, new construction properties and age is a new listing will raise rent at once.
So, if you do not rent a well thought rental apartments the current income, there is also a risk that the state of my best just to pay the rent.

In general, the rent of apartments is one third of the income has been the ideal.
So, if there is a ¥ 150,000 income will be property of the rent is ¥ 50,000.
However, if you think you want to use the money to play than the house, you can turn on the play of money by lowering the rent.

Rent is, any number of cheap rent the property if think that the find will be found.
In particular, if you use the Internet, you can find immediately.
Instead, it must be ruled out age and rich conditions.

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